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ASIC Design Services offers a broad range of design services and is a leading
distributor for technically complex electronic components and EDA software.


ASIC Design Services is a distributor for the following complex electronic components and EDA software. We staff a high propotion of skilled electronic engineers who provide excellent technical support for these products.

Programmable Logic Solutions
Flash & Anti-fuse FPGAs

Flash FPGAs
The ProASIC3/E families of Flash FPGAs offer a breakthrough in price, performance, density, and features for today's most demanding applications. The ProASIC3/E families are based on nonvolatile Flash technology and support between 30 k to 3 M gates and up to 616 high performance I/Os.

Actel Fusion Programmable System Chip
The Actel Fusion Programmable System Chip (PSC) is the world's first mixed-signal FPGA, integrating configurable analog, large Flash memory blocks, comprehensive clock generation and management circuitry, and high performance programmable logic in a monolithic device.

IP Module - CoreMP7
Actel's CoreMP7 is a soft IP version of the popular ARM7TDMI-S™ that has been optimized to maximize speed and minimize size in Actel's Flash-based FPGAs.

IP Cores
DirectCore and CompanionCore IP products with free evaluations complement the nonvolatile, secure and low-power characteristics of Actel FPGAs while offering simple implementation with Actel's development tools. Design Services are available through our Solution Partners.

For further information on Actel's product offering, please visit

ModelSim is Mentor Graphics' industry leading HDL simulator used for ASIC, FPGA and system design.

There are four ModelSim products available. The links below are to the product page of each of the tools which contains more information and downloads:

ModelSim PE
Mentor Graphics' entry-level simulator, offers VHDL, Verilog, or mixed-language simulation.

ModelSim SE

ModelSim SE combines high performance with the most advanced verification and debugging capabilities in the industry.

ModelSim LE
Linux edition of ModelSim, Mentor Graphics' industry leading HDL simulator.

ModelSim Designer
ModelSim Designer is the latest addition to the ModelSim family and delivers a complete FPGA design and verification environment. The complete process of creation, management, simulation, and implementation is controlled from a single user interface, facilitating the design and verification flow and providing significant productivity gains.

For further information on Mentor Graphics' product offering, please visit

FPGA and ASIC Synthesis

Precision RTL Synthesis
High-performance, easy-to-use, vendor-independent RTL synthesis solution for FPGAs and ASICs.

FPGA and ASIC Design

HDL Designer:
HDL Designer Series delivers solutions that optimise the design creation, synthesis and verification processes of advanced ASIC and FPGA designs. Ideal for team design.

PCB Analysis and Verification

HyperLynx tools eliminate signal integrity, crosstalk, and EMC problems early, allowing you to "get it right first time."

PCB Design Solutions

Expedition PCB:
Expedition PCB addresses your greatest design challenges including differential pair routing, net tuning, manufacturing optimization, flex circuits and microvia and build-up technology.

Team PCB:
TeamPCB™ allows multiple designers to simultaneously work on the same PCB layout design. For PCB designs that are too large or complex to complete in the desired time frame. TeamPCB enables collaboration across geographically dispersed or functionally organized PCB design groups, to maximize productivity and dramatically shorten design times.

Industry Standard PCB Design Solutions

Complete PCB design solution combining schematic definition with powerful layout and simulation tools. Integrated design environment combines ease of use with functional depth
With PADS PCB design solutions, you will:

  • Achieve a high ROI on PCB designs ranging from basic to complex.
  • Improve productivity with shorter design cycles.
  • Maintain design integrity with the latest analysis and simulation tools.

Why Choose PADS?

PADS Family Products:
Comprehensive integrated design solutions from Simulation to layout.

Functionality Videos:
Download functionality video's for Part Selection / Cross-Probing / Design Validation / Interactive Routing / High-speed Routing / Physical Design Reuse.

Product Videos:
PADS Suites Overview / DxDesigner / DxAnalog / PADS Layout with PADS AutoRouter.

Free Evaluation Software:

PADS Logic:
Provides quick schematic definition and integration with the PADS Layout Design Environment.

Supports schematic capture, circuit simulation, and variant management.

Provides a quick way to search and select components from any standard parts database, and verify at the end of a design.

I/O Designer:
Used in a DxDesigner to PADS Layout flow, I/O Designer leverages the flexibility of FPGA I/O (input/output) to optimise the performance, routing, and cost of your PCB.

  • Guarantees and maintains the consistency between the HDL, FPGA, and PCB environments.
  • Eliminates error-prone manual tasks through automated design data flow and FPGA symbol generation.
  • Facilitates migration to larger or smaller devices without board re-spins Detects changes in HDL, FPGA place and route, or PCB design-related files.
  • Manages and supports pin swaps and back annotations.

PADS Layout:
The #1 PC-based layout solution in the world. Proven on tens of thousands of boards world-wide.

Router Module:
Add the router module to your Layout 065 bundle and you have affordable power.

High Speed Routing:
Add the high speed routing (HSD) option for length constraints (accordion) and differential pairs.

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Technical Events - Seminars on the Web!
Regular web seminars on hot topics such as high speed design or RoHS compliance.

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Technical Publications:

Training: (Contact Roelof Pelser on 011 315 8316 )
Customers on support have unlimited access to the following self-paced training courses on SupportNet. A
vailable Courses:
PADS Logic, PADS Layout, PADS Router,

Analog Designer provides the most complete design environment available for analog engineering. Verify analog, mixed analog/digital and mixed-discipline designs at the system or board level. Analog Designer, tightly integrated into DesignView, combines ease-of-use with powerful simulation, preparation of stimuli, basic and complex analysis of circuits, and verification through graphing and output. This product is PSpice model compliant, as well as providing over 6100 models and analog HDL modeling.

Harness Design Flow

VeSys is a harness design flow for customers that do not require the data & complexity management sophistication of IESD's Capital Harness Systems software.

Capital Harness Systems™ (CHS) is an end-to-end tool set for engineering complex wire harness flows

Capital Harness Systems
Fully integrated application suite for electrical system design, electrical analysis, system integration / wiring design and harness engineering.

CAM350 is a Powerful CAM Solution

CAM350 is a powerful CAM solution easing the transition of engineering data into physical PCBs. CAM350 delivers unprecedented usability and performance. It eases the inspection, preparation, and manufacturing of PCB designs, increases speed and accuracy of all processes, and ensures optimal fabrication flow.

CAM350 Downloads:
The program will run in shareware without a license. In this mode, all commands except the output commands are functional and the database size is limited to about 8000 Gerber elements. The output commands include:
File > Save, File > Save As, File > Export and File > Print.
it is possible to evaluate the software without any database limitations by requesting a evaluating license from ASIC Design Services. Contact Roelof Pelser on (011) 315 8316 or e-mail

A document authoring tool that automates the PCB process

This new, state-of-the-art solution creates PCB documentation quickly and easily and replaces the more error-prone, manual approach currently employed. Documentation created with BluePrint is more detailed, can be changed instantly and will lead to faster and more accurate new product introduction.












































































































































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